Resistor Bank for iCharger 406DUO, 308DUO and 4010DUO

The RC Discharger’s Resistor Bank is the best add-on for your iCharger 406DUO, 308DUO, 4010DUO.**

This Battery Discharger is designed by a RC enthusiast and made in U.S.A.

Why buy our RC Discharger Resistor Bank?
  • Discharge your lipos from 1S to 10S
  • Smart Fan Controller
  • Does not heat up thanks to its box enclosure
  • Save room and time: no need for a resistor stand
  • Ready to use: plug easily to your iCharger
  • Clean and neat design with short wires
  • Optimize space with our charger stand

2 versions available in 4 colors:

  1. Resistor bank with stand for charger and Power Supply*
  2. Resistor bank with stand and our Power Supply
  3. Resistor bank with stand and our Power Supply and Junsi iCharger 406DUO

90 days warranty.

Free shipping in USA.
Ship within 1 week.


Discharge rates: 


*Always discharge at maximum Amps

Resistor Bank features:

Perfect fit for iCharger DUO with 10awg wire and 4mm bullet plugs built-in.

Product dimension:
Version / SizeWidthDepthHeight
Resistor Bank7.6in (194mm)3.2in (81mm)3.1in (78mm)
With Stand 406/308*7.6in (194mm)4.9in (124mm)4.9in (124mm)
With Charger 406/308*8.6in (218mm)4.9in (124mm)7.0in (178mm)

* Power supply recommended dimension for the stand:
Width: 8.6in (218mm) / Depth: 3.5in (89mm) / Height: 1.5in  (38mm)
Our Resistor Bank with stand comes with 2 sets of feet to fit any power supply.

** iCharger 406Duo and power supply shown for reference only. iCharger and power supply are not included with the Resistor Bank. Work with the extra discharge mode on a iCharger X6.