Junsi iCharger 4512DUO


  • Lilo/LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD DC Battery Charger.
  • High Power and Efficiency:  up to 2800 watts.
  • Balanced Charging: extending battery life.
  • User-Friendly Interface: same user interface.
  • Rich Information Display 2.8″ IPS LCD.
  • Safety Features: Internal temperature sensors.
  • Battery Profiles: Store up to 64 battery profiles.


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Junsi iCharger 4512DUO DC Battery Charger features:

  • High Charge Rate: With an outstanding 45A charge rate and a total output of 2800W, the iCharger 4512 Duo ensures efficient charging for your batteries.
  • Dual Port Design: Simultaneously charge batteries with different cell counts using the dual port design. Each channel can handle up to 45A.
  • Upgraded Connections: Equipped with upgraded connections on both input and output, this charger effortlessly handles higher current levels.
  • Innovative Balance Connections: Say goodbye to separate balance boards! The open-port style balance connections streamline the charging process.
  • Sleek IPS Display: The charger features a 2.8″ IPS LCD screen, providing rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, internal resistance, control status, time, and temperature.
  • Enhanced Temperature Ports: Keep an eye on battery health with the integrated temperature sensors, allowing precise control of the fan speed.
  • USB-C Fast-Charge Port: Conveniently charge your devices using the USB-C port.

Upgrade your charging experience with the iCharger 4512 Duo—a powerful companion for your LiPo, Life, NiMH, and NiCD batteries!


  • Dimensions: 210x140x80mm
  • Weight: 1530g
  • Charge Power (Max): 2800W (2000W per channel)
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1-45A per channel (80A in sync mode)
  • Discharge (Max): 200W (130W per channel)
  • External Discharge (Max): 2800W (2000W per channel)
  • Regenerative Discharge (Max): 2800W (2000W per channel)
  • Balance Current: 2A per channel
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 40V DC
  • Input Voltage: 11-53V DC
  • Input Current Limit: 80A
  • Supported Battery Types: LiPo, LiHV, Li-Ion, LiFe, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
  • USB Charge: Type-C Charge Port: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A


  • (1) iCharger 4512 Duo Dual Port LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD Battery Charger
  • (1) EC8 Power Lead
  • (2) XT90 Plugs
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