• Why discharge at 40A?
    A 40A cycle significantly reduces the internal resistance of your battery to get more power. You can see the internal resistance of our tests on our videos below.

Troubleshooting 456DUO - 458DUO -4512DUO - DX6 - DX8 - DX12

  • If you have an error of balance in cycle mode, please update the firmware. Install the software Junsi Console Setup and open it, turn on your iCharger and plug a USB-C cable. The software should detect your icharger, then click sur Device and firmware upgrading and select the firmware than you downloaded.

 User guide – Junsi Console SetupFirmware 456DUOFirmware 458DUOFirmware 4512DUOFirmware DX6Firmware DX8Firmware DX12

Troubleshooting 308DUO - 406DUO -4010DUO

  • If your charger is too slow to discharge, please update the firmware. You need the latest firmware v2.18, you can see the version when the charger starts.

User guide 406 – User guide 308 – User guide 4010 – Software for updateFirmware 406DUOFirmware 308DUOFirmware 4010DUO

  • If the cycle mode doesn’t work on your iCharger X6, please update the firmware. You need at least version 2.05, you can see your version when the charger starts.

User guide X6Software for update

Synchronous mode

Synchronous mode iCharger 406DUO with our Regenerative Discharger RC Discharger

Cycle 70A on battery MACLAN Graphene V3 HV LCG Stick 6800 mAh used during my test.

How to setup the Synchronous Mode on iCharger DUO:

Go to Memory Setup, then Option, then Channel Mode to select Sychnoronous.
User guide Synchronous Mode iCharger here.

Uses your lipos 1S to 2S with the Synchronous mode on our Regeneragtive Discharger. Never use more 2S batteries or you will damage the regenerative discharger.

Cycle on two iCharger X6

Regenerative Discharger for two iCharger X6 - Cycle, Discharge and charge at 30A

2 batteries Reedy Zappers HV SG 2S Low Profile Shorty 80C 4000mAh used during my test.
You can order the new Regenerative Discharger for Two iCharger X6 here.

How to setup our Resistor Bank for iCharger:

  • Connect the battery discharger to port #2 of your iCharger DUO.
  • Select (discharge) under Program Mode.
  • Select (to channel) Regenerative Mode.
  • Select (SET) button to calibrate charger under (Channel join). iCharger should read (Resistance or Bulbs).
  • Set Voltage limit to 24V.
  • Set Discharge current limit to 40 Amps.
RC Discharger