Regenerative Discharge iCharger X6/X8/X12

The RC Discharger’s Regenerative Discharger is the first-ever battery regenerative discharger compatible with the iCharger X6/X8/X12.** Find out more single regenerative version on this page.

This RC Regenerative Discharger is a revolution on its own.
You can now charge and discharge your battery at 30A on your iCharger X6/X8/X12 using the cycle mode. 

Our product is environmentally friendly: it recovers the energy from the discharge to re-use it during the charge.

A 30A cycle significantly reduces the internal resistance of your battery to get more power. You can see the internal resistance of our tests on our videos here.

The RC Regenerative Discharger is designed by a RC enthusiast and made in U.S.A.

Our Regenerative Discharger revolutionary system:
  • Uses the Cycle mode on your iCharger X6, X8 or X12
  • Discharges your lipos from 1S to 2S at 30A
  • Obtains better internal resistance than with a discharge bank
  • Recovers energy while discharging to re-use it for charging
  • Is a great deal: does the job of 1 resistor banks with 1 iCharger DUO
  • Is ready to use: plugs easily to your iCharger
  • Has a clean and neat design with short wires
  • Optimizes space with our stand for charger and power supply
  • No Resistor Bank to disconnect after the discharge to charge on your X6/X8/X12

Regenerative Discharger Duo for a iCharger DUO or 2 iCharger X6/X8/X12 available here.

2 versions available in 6 colors:

  1. Regenerative Discharger for iCharger X6/X8X12
    (Battery  for energy recovery included)
  2. Discharger with our Power Supply 750W
  3. Regenerative Discharger for two X6/X8/X12

Please before buying read our usage directions.

90 days warranty.

Free shipping in USA.
No ETA, contact us before order.

Regenerative Discharger usage directions:
  • This version is a single discharger, never plug 2 chargers.
  • Use only the “Cycle” mode on your charger. It will discharge and then charge automatically.
  • At the end of the day you can use the “storage” mode.
  • Do not use several times in a row the “Discharge” mode from your charger. Discharge up to 2S 6,000mAh.
  • Charge up to 2S 9,000 mAh per hour without energy recovery, and much more if you re-use energy from discharge!
  • Maximum RC battery capacity allowed for discharge/charge: 1x 1S 12,000mAh or 2S 8,000mAh.

Power Supply recommended dimension for the stand:
Width: 8.6in (218mm) / Depth: 3.5in (89mm) / Height: 1.5in  (38mm)

** All iChargers and power supply shown for reference only. iCharger and power supply are not included with the Regenerative Discharger version 1.

RC Discharger