Team RC Discharger Sponsorship Application

Now open: Team RC Discharger Sponsorship Application

Team RC Discharger

Clayton Young

Cars: Awesomatix A800MMX

Sponsors: Threads, Sanwa, TQWire, Helix designs, PCR, RC Discharger

Review: “Excited to bring on RC Discharger as a sponsor this year! I’ve been using this product for over a year now and it works amazingly well. Setup is a breeze.”

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Team RC Discharger

Ron Schuur

Cars: Associated B6.1, Yokomo YR-X12, Yokomo 1/10th Sedan and Custom Works Oval

Sponsors: Hobbywing, Schuur Speed, Ko-Propo, RC Speed Secrets, Team Associated, Pro-Line Racing, JConcepts, Schelle Racing Innovations, AMain Hobbies, RC Discharger

Review: “Really enjoy mine. 2 battery’s can be cycled at 40A at the same time. Great product”

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Team RC Discharger

Ryan McGlothern

Cars:  TLR 22 5.0 SR, 22 5.0 DC ELITE, 22-4 2.0 and 22T 4.0

Sponsors: Horizon Hobby, Team Losi Racing, Spektrum, Vision Racing, JConcepts, RC Discharger

Review: “Have to thank RC Discharger for hooking up my icharger for the TLR Cup this weekend! Sweet orange color and compacts everything together. I’m really pumped to not have to worry about the heat burning my hand or my pit mat. Comes in a few different colors. Check em out!”

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Team RC Discharger

Shane Borden

Cars: TLR 22X-4, 22 5.0 DC ELITE, 22T 4.0, 22SCT 3.0, and 8IGHT-X

Sponsors: HorizonHobby, ProlineRacing, Trinity, Spektrum, Hobbywing, LunsfordRacing, 1UP Raving, Avid, Sanwa, FusionGraphix, RCDischarger

Review: “I was using this awesome all in 1 discharge device/iCharger stand last weekend. It was really nice to clear up some space in my pit area. Both ports are able to do 40 amp cycles. Super nice and compact and only have to use 1 iCharger.”

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Team RC Discharger

RC Discharger