Adapter iCharger for all our Regenerative Discharger and Charger Stand



If you switch to a different iCharger model, you can simply purchase an adapter for your new iCharger. Adapters are available for the following models:

  • iCharger X6
  • iCharger X8
  • iCharger X12
  • iCharger S6
  • iCharger DX6
  • iCharger DX8
  • iCharger DX12
  • iCharger 4010DUO
  • iCharger 4512 DUO

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iCharger X6, iCharger X8, iCharger X12, iCharger S6, iCharger DX6, iCharger DX8, iCharger DX12, iCharger 4010DUO, iCharger 4512 DUO

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