Screwdriver MIP Holder XL with Parts Tray


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Introducing the Screwdriver MIP Holder XL with Parts Tray

This meticulously crafted organizer is designed to be your steadfast companion during RC practice sessions and exhilarating race days. Whether you’re a seasoned RC aficionado or a wide-eyed newcomer, this organizer offers more than mere convenience—it’s a testament to precision engineering.


  1. Six Slots for Larger Tools (22.30mm Diameter): These accommodating slots serve as spacious garages for your trusty screwdrivers, always ready for action.
  2. Six Slots for Mid-Sized Tools (18.75mm Diameter): These slots hit the Goldilocks zone—just right for your mid-sized tools. Not too big, not too small—just perfect.
  3. One Singular Slot for Unique Tools (15.86mm Diameter): This specialized nook caters to the unsung hero of your RC adventures. It’s like a VIP lounge for precision tools.
  4. Six More Slots for Compact Tools (12.7mm Diameter): These snug compartments blend efficiency with elegance. Your compact tools will feel right at home here.
  5. Five Slots for Tiniest Tools (7.10mm Diameter): These petite pockets resemble cozy nests. Need to tighten that minuscule screw? Fear not; this organizer has you covered.

Remember, a well-organized workspace isn’t just about tidiness—it’s about unlocking your full potential. So, arrange your Screwdriver MIP tools with the precision of a maestro, and let this organizer be your symphony conductor on your RC adventures!

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