Junsi iCharger DX6


  • Lilo/LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD DC Battery Charger.
  • High Power and Efficiency:  up to 1600 watts.
  • Balanced Charging: extending battery life.
  • User-Friendly Interface: same user interface.
  • Rich Information Display 2.4″ IPS LCD.
  • Safety Features: Internal temperature sensors.
  • Battery Profiles: Store up to 64 battery profiles.


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Junsi iCharger DX6 DC Battery Charger features:

The Junsi iCharger DX6 is a high-power charger designed to meet the demands of serious RC enthusiasts. With a maximum charge power capacity of 1500 watts, this compact charger delivers exceptional performance. Let’s explore its impressive features:

Advanced Technology:

  • Utilizing Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter technology, the DX6 ensures efficient power conversion.
  • High power, high current, and outstanding performance make it a reliable choice.

Battery Compatibility: Each channel supports a wide range of battery types, including:

  • LiPo
  • Lilo
  • LiFe
  • LiHV
  • LTO
  • NiZn
  • Whether you’re flying drones, racing cars, or sailing boats, the DX6 has you covered.

Digital-Power Mode:

  • Activate the digital-power mode for enhanced protection during charging.
  • Keep your batteries safe while maximizing performance.

Temperature Protection:

  • The internal temperature sensor ensures safe operation.
  • If the temperature exceeds safe limits, the charger automatically adjusts output power or shuts down.

Parameter Settings and Data Management:

  • Save up to 64 parameter sets for different battery configurations.
  • Conveniently import/export data via the SD card.

Full-Color IPS LCD Screen:

  • The 2.4″ IPS LCD screen provides clear and detailed information, including current, voltage, power, capacity, internal resistance, control status, time, and temperature.

Multi-Discharge Features:

  • Choose from various discharge modes, including self-discharge.
  • Optimize battery health and longevity.

Experience supreme quality and unmatched charging performance with the Junsi DX6 charger—a compact powerhouse for your RC adventures!


  • Dimension (LxWxH): 112×92×40mm
  • weight: 360g
  • Input Voltage: 9—34VDC
  • Maximum Input Current Limit:: 65A
  • Maximum Charge/Discharge Current: 35A x2 (50A Bridged)
  • Maximum charge Power Capacity: 900W x2 (1600W Bridged)
  • Maximum Discharge Power Capacity: 46W x2 (60W Bridged)
  • Maximum Regenerative Discharge Power Capacity: 900W x2 (1500W Bridged)
  • Maximum Extra Discharge Power Capacity: 900W @30V/32A (1600W Bridged)
  • Support Battery Type: LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiVH, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
  • Maximum Current Drain for Balancing: 2A x2 (4A Bridged)


  • (1) iCharger DX6 DC Dual Battery Charger
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