Junsi iCharger DX12


  • Lilo/LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD DC Battery Charger.
  • High Power and Efficiency:  up to 3000 watts.
  • Balanced Charging: extending battery life.
  • User-Friendly Interface: same user interface.
  • Rich Information Display 2.4″ IPS LCD.
  • Safety Features: Internal temperature sensors.
  • Battery Profiles: Store up to 64 battery profiles.


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Junsi iCharger DX12 DC Battery Charger features:

The Junsi iCharger DX12 is a cutting-edge charging solution designed to meet the demands of hobbyists and professionals alike. With advanced synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter technology, this charger delivers high-power and high-current performance for efficient battery charging. Let’s explore its impressive features:

Maximum Charge Power Capacity: The DX12 boasts a maximum charge power capacity of up to 1700W, ensuring rapid and effective charging. It supports a wide range of battery types, including:

  • LiPo
  • LiFe
  • NiMH
  • NiCd
  • And more!

Dual-Channel Design:

  • Simultaneously charge two batteries with the dual-channel design (up to 30A per channel).
  • Versatile and adaptable for various applications.

Informative LCD Screen: The 2.8″ IPS LCD screen provides real-time monitoring of charging parameters:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Capacity
  • Internal resistance
  • Temperature

Safety Features:

  • Digital-Power Mode: Enhanced protection with features like over-current and over-voltage protection.
  • Intelligent Fan Control: Based on internal temperature sensing, it ensures efficient cooling during charging.

Type-C Power Delivery (PD) Port:

  • Conveniently charge your mobile devices using the Type-C PD port.

Balancing Technology:

  • Advanced balancing technology with internal resistance correction ensures optimal battery health.

Multi-Discharge Options:

  • Choose from various discharge modes, including regenerative discharge.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Easily manage your charging operations with the user-friendly interface.
  • Import/export data and upgrade as needed.

Whether you’re an RC enthusiast, drone pilot, or hobbyist, the iCharger DX12 offers unmatched performance and reliability—a must-have for precision and efficiency in battery management!



  • Dimensions: 4.4×5.06×1.6in. (111.5×128.5x40mm)
  • Weight: 17.64oz (500g)
  • Maximum Charge Power Capacity: 1700W (1200W per channel)
  • Maximum Charge/Discharge Current: 50A (30A per channel)
  • Maximum Discharge Power Capacity: 80W (Channel 50Wx2)
  • Maximum Regenerative Discharge Power Capacity: 1700W (Channel 1200Wx2)
  • Maximum Extra Discharge Power Capacity: 3000W (Channel 1500W @ 50V/30A)
  • Maximum Current Drain for Balancing: 4A (Channel 2Ax2)
  • Type-C PD Port: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • Support Battery Type: LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiVH, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
  • Input Voltage Range: 11—53VDC
  • Maximum Input Current Limit: 65A (Channel 45A)
  • Maximum Current Drain for Balancing: 2A x2 (4A Bridged)


  • (1) iCharger DX12 Dual DC Battery Charger
  • Balance boards and cables
  • Power cables
  • Instruction manual
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